Can You Please Be Quiet, Please? Essays

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“Are These Actual Miles?”
“Are These Actual Miles?” is a story by Raymond Carver off his short-story compilation titled Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?. The short story divulges the negative effects of economic tribulations on a family. The effects are made worse as this is a well-to-do family that could initially afford any luxury. The bankruptcy situation, as is revealed in the story, is threatening to destroy the family further and signs of these have already began as Leo and Toni turn to alcohol and extra marital fairs to cope. Leo and Toni’s children who are unaware of the financial ongoings are caught between the chaos as they spend less time with their parents and more with their paternal and maternal grandmothers. The story highlights in an in-depth fashion just how hard economic times can fracture close family ties.
The situation in Leo and Toni’s home are not good as they are experiencing financial difficulties. Their union reveals a story of two personalities from different social backgrounds. Leo met Toni as she sold children’s encyclopedia revealing that she was getting by financially. She had lived a life of misery earlier in her life and could not always get what she wanted. But her marriage to Leo changed her fortunes. Her desire is that her children will not go through the same thing she went through growing up. On the contrary, Leo comes from a high social class as indicated by his mannerism and material possession. He walks his wife to the…

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