Can Men And Women Be Just Friends? Essay

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The question as to whether a man and a woman can just be friends is one that has been debated for many years. The question may be answered depending on when you were born and what the culture of friendship and dating were at the time. There have been many studies linked to friendship, including opposite-sex and same-sex friendship as described in the article, by April L. Bleske and David M. Buss, titled: Can men and women be just friends? This article discusses the methodology of two studies performed to test evolution-based hypotheses and their outcomes. Friendships in general can provide benefits to both parties as well as inflict costs. “One of the complexities of friendship is that some characteristics of friendship are perceived as both beneficial and costly.” (Bleske & Buss, 2000) When examining friendships especially heterosexual friendships, ones idea of the benefits that may be derived from such friendship may differ depending on one’s gender. Dating back to evolutionary history and human mating, men would derive more benefit from having multiple partners in which to spread genes than women who have a longer investment in procreation by having to bear and raise the children. Men would have more of a chance to have heirs the more women they were attracted to and able to mate with thereby strengthening their linage. “Men have, therefore, evolved a strong desire for sexual access to a variety of members of the opposite sex.” (Bleske & Buss, 2000) This article…

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