Can Evil Co Exist With A Perfect God? Essay

712 Words Dec 15th, 2015 3 Pages
Can evil co-exist with a perfect God? This question poses a difficult question for Theism because, when you talk about the definition of a theistic God is that he is all knowing, good and omnipotent. So he knows all, and he generally goes for the greater good for the human race. So, if he was all knowing, good and omnipotent, meaning he can do anything, why does he let suffering happen? It really is in direct contradiction about the definition of a theistic God because then if he is willing to prevent evil and is not able then that makes him powerless,or if he is able but not willing to stop evil that makes him malevolent all which goes against the definition of a theistic God. Because of this definition it is stated sometimes that because God is all-knowing, all-powerful and good then evil cannot exist and because evil exists then there is no all-knowing, powerful, good God. So how do we go on to solve this? Well first off, we need to ask ourselves where does evil come from? It can’t come from an all good God, God only creates good. But, when God created us, we gave us free will, so we have the choice to be good or evil. Free is good, so it can be argued that he made this good knowing that from it, not all of us would make good choices. I think that evil and this Christian definition of a theistic God, can co-exist because of that and more. This omnipotent, all knowing God has knowledge all beyond our belief, some argue that we do not have a way to measure it maybe not…

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