Can Death Give You Dignity? Essay

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Janine Cabuguas
Mr. Forhane
English 9A / Period 6
15 April 2016
Can Death Give You Dignity?
Gill Pharaoh was 75 years old when she flew to a clinic in Switzerland and ended her life. The former care nurse had expressed repeatedly her intense dislike towards the idea of becoming old: "I have looked after people who are old, on and off, all my life. I have always said, 'I am not getting old. I do not think old age is fun. ' I know that I have gone just over the hill now. It is not going to start getting better." (Harris, 1) Pharaoh was not ill and had not been taking any medications. It is cases like these that enforce the idea that assisted suicide is not worth making legal. Supporters of physician-assisted suicide argue that PAS can end the suffering of those who are in constant pain, expect to die soon, etc. However, it turns out that most Americans request assisted suicide for different reasons: "According to Oregon 's public health department, the top reasons for assisted suicide in the state are loss of autonomy (91.5%), decreased ability to engage in enjoyable activities (88.7%), loss of dignity (79.3%), loss of control of body (50.1%) and becoming a burden on others (40%).” (Camosy, 6) In reality, physician-assisted suicide does more harm than help to the elderly, the sick, and the depressed. Assisted suicide should not be legal because it endangers the weak and vulnerable, threatens human equality, and corrupts the use of medicine. Assisted suicide, defined by…

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