Sexual Violence In Schools

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Throughout the past decade, the issue of sexual violence among students in schools particularly for the women attending college has awakened people’s concerns on the matter in the United States. After I read an article title “Campus Sexual Assault: How America’s Institutions of Higher Education Respond”, I agreed when it says that sexual violence acts are more common than you might think among colleges. Another known fact is that the victim often knows the perpetrator who commits these sexual acts against them. Yet, the victim does not report most of these sexual acts to the proper authorities, as they might not know what a sexual assault or rape is themselves (Karjane, Fisher and Cullen, 98). In the same document, it also says that the schools …show more content…
Among those are the University of Central Washington, Oklahoma State University, Cal State University, Los Angeles and Cal State University in Santa Cruz both from California, the community colleges are LaFayette, Lewis & Clark, finally the Metropolitan Community (Karjane, Cullen and Fisher, 107). All of these schools have been able to carry out in their campuses and the student’s educational activities to preventions programs like such as something that they called Wide-Reaching Educational Programs. Comprehensive education on rape myths, common circumstances under which the crime occurs, rapist characteristics, prevention strategies, rape trauma responses and the healing process, and campus policies and support services should all be included in a comprehensive education program on campus sexual assault. In order to reach the entire student body, these messages must be disseminated in multiple venues, such as, via new student orientation, curriculum infusion, resource center trainings, campus-wide events, interactive presentations, and passive information campaigns (Karjane, Cullen and Fisher, 108 - 109). One of the best methods to decrease Sex Violence in school would be through Education. I think that on all thing that matters in life education is a need element to eradicate our major problems that we have in our world today. I agree with what these schools are doing on their campuses as a solution to a huge problem that we have at our hands today. It is a truth that as we are more aware of the issue of sex violence in our schools we must have gain knowledge in how to fight this disease with education. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.” We have studied its behavior we now know how it attacks, the homework is complete now it is time to act with its antidote and

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