Campus Sexual Assault Prevention

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The Knowledge and Prevention of Campus Sexual Assault As high school students begin to research which college is best for them, they search for colleges based on distance, price, and size, but they almost never search for campus safety and on-campus crime statistics. Most universities have an annual crime report that is accessible to the public, yet many people who are researching colleges do not look at these. According to these reports there is a growing rate in sexual assaults and rape on campus. Many students and parents do not think to look at these statistics though. All men, women, and staff, on and off campus, should be more knowledgeable on what Sexual Assault and Rape is, and how to prevent it. Even though the juridical definition …show more content…
Victims are unwilling to report because society does not teach them that it is not their fault. They show how dirty sexual assault is, but they do not show that the only dirty thing about sexual assault is the transgressor. Audrey Logan was raped two different times her first year at college by someone she believed was a friend. At first she did not think of it as rape because they were friends and both very intoxicated. She believed that rape and assault are committed by strangers who used forceful tactics and weapons (Goldberg). Sexual assault can be committed by anyone, whether it be a best friend, boyfriend, classmate, or a stranger, and it does not make it any less harrowing. It happens to women of all shapes and sizes. Victims do not understand that the commitment of this crime does not make them weak. Parents that send their daughters off to college never once think that their baby girl would be sexually assaulted, but studies show that “for every 1,000 women attending a college or university, there are 35 incidents of rape each academic year” ("Campus Sexual Violence Resource List"). Thirty-five women go to college expecting to have the time of their lives, but instead have a traumatizing experience that can change their whole world and how they think. Many women get depressed and lose interest in things, and some women even experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being sexually assaulted or raped. Many cannot believe that “One in five women is sexually assaulted in college” (Goldberg). One of the problems in college sexual assault is that most people believe that college disciplinary boards are not equipped enough to handle severe crimes like rape and sexual assault (Goldberg). They are not equipped to send someone to jail for these crimes, which is where they would go if they were convicted if these crimes were committed somewhere off campus.

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