Camp Bow Alive Case Study

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Sue Ryan is an expert of the managerial positions at Avnet Technology Solution and GE, she left the cooperative world in 2004 in order to start her own business and the business she chose was a franchise called Camp Bow Wow. The Camp Bow Wow was started in 2000 by a dog loving entrepreneur named Heidi Ganahl, which was sold to Sue Ryan by a Denver-based company in 2004. Instead of starting a new establishment, Ryan bought an established location in Boulder, Colorado and this move was advantage to Ryan because she did not need to hire any new staffs. Before starting the Camp Bow Wow, what Ryan had in her mind is that she can apply her past managerial experience in this franchise in a less stressful way, but in the reality she had to do every …show more content…
One of the important informational roles that both Sue Ryan and Candace Stathis performed in the Camp Bow Wow is monitoring. When the Camp Bow Wow first started, the performance of all employees were not really good, but Sue Ryan continuously monitored middle level managers which helps them to improve. In the same way Candace Stathis also monitored the employees who working under her and try to understand their problem and fix it.

Decision-Making Roles Decision making is one of the important role that every manager must perform. In this case study we can see the importance of the decision that Sue Ryan made that led to the success of the Camp Bow Wow. Sue Ryan is mainly focusing on the new strategies and innovations, Candace Stathis on the other hand performed a role as disturbance handler. Here Sue Ryan is making decisions to improve the Camp Bow Wow, and Candace Stathis making decisions for the smooth working of the Camp Bow Wow.

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In the case study we can see that Sue Ryan is actually following situational perspective. In situational perspective, the manage choose particular action or behavior on the given situation, depends on the elements of the situation. For example, in the case study Sue Ryan brought an established location because she knows the Camp Bow Wow requires a certain degree of consistency in the operating location. Interactionalism perspective can be also found in the Camp Bow Wow, for example, Candace Stathis had misconception about the managerial job but after she joined in the Camp Bow Wow, her attitude towards the managerial job changed. In my opinion most the managers find the situational perspective most useful because business always changes depends on the situations so it is better for the managers to use situational perspective and behave depending on the elements of the

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