Caitlin Is A Timid And Self Conscious Essay example

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Caitlin is a timid and self-conscious nine year old in my placement classroom. She is the only student in the class of 13 who receives services through an IEP. These services are specifically targeted towards improve her ability to read, write, and use language. During ELA time, Caitlin sits next to an aid, who assists her and guides her through lessons. While a very bright child, she tends to have a negative outlook on her abilities. She often puts down her own work, and exclaims that she is too dumb to complete things. In terms of a literacy stage, Caitlin is in the fluency stage. She has been reading and writing for a few years, and has continued to develop skills in these areas. As mentioned, Caitlin is extremely timid and shy, and has trouble partaking in public speaking activities. She often takes a back seat to her more boisterous classmates. In terms of interests, Caitlin is obsessed with horses. The animals are generally the subject of her reading and writing texts. Caitlin’s family owns three horses, and she rides them after school most days. Her dad also works with horses, training them for races all across the country. Because of this, she rarely sees her father, and her mother maintains the family’s farming, leaving Caitlin to fend for herself at times.
Caitlin really enjoys reading, however she has trouble in some aspects of it. She is reading at the N level in the text. For reference, the majority of the class hover between a Q and an S. So she is definitely…

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