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After taking a CQ (Cultural Intelligence) assessment, I have learned how to identify diverse cultures in an effective way and how to analyze different cultural contexts which help me foster some of the abilities such as leadership and adapt to different cultures in the future. Throughout this paper, I would like to talk about things that I have reflected with the CQ test. Also, I will explain how the concept of CQ has impacted my life.
The Relevance of Cultural Intelligence To begin with, I will discuss what the relevance of cultural intelligence is and explain some of the reasons why it matters with my future. When I work as a youth minister in the future, the ability of leadership is required. The leadership skill is no longer
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Specifically, I am willing to serve for young people who are not only in need of help, but also not able to hear the Gospel. I have a strong heart for them. In the light of my vocal, Youth Ministries, I would go anywhere in the world If God calls me to do His work. Given these points, acknowledging how to interact with others is one of the essential abilities to acquire.
Furthermore, once I realized the importance of the concept of Cultural intelligence, I should be able to relate it with my personal results from the test. Based on my CQ Assessment results and these driven from my personal consideration, I am going to analyze and discuss some of my strengths or growth areas where they are the four CQ dimensions. These dimensions represent qualitatively different aspects of the overall capability to function and manage effectively in culturally diverse
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I only knew about IQ and EQ. Thus, I examined and learned about the new concept, CQ in this course. Not only that, I had a good opportunity to identify strengthens and weaknesses about myself.
In addition, when it comes to the interaction with the youth in my future, I feel more confident at facing any situations after learning in this course. With realizing culturally diverse situations, I learned that everyone has their own personal preferences and its preferences tend to go along with one’s national culture. Specifically, I should act and respond differently depending on the youth group or church I would work together in the future. “When Generation shifted, cultural values influence its culture trend among young adults”, according to the video, Customs of the World; Identity. It demonstrates that acknowledging where the influence of the youth comes from. Also, I would make different adjustments related to my environment. In fact, the way I make a decision or judgment changed so that I can approach the youth appropriately. I should avoid making pre-judgment based on solely my background before having experience with them

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