Cereal Stuff Case Study

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CEO of the Cereal Stuff company spent a lot of times to find experience candidates for many positions especially the position as vice president of the new marketing division. Many people who have good experiences for the jobs but they do not have right leadership styles for the company or many other people who have right leadership styles but they are lack experiences for jobs. To find a good candidate, CEO of the Cereal Stuff create interview questions. CEO believed interview questions base on the requirements of the ideas candidates should have.
10 Interview questions
1- Why do candidates want this international marketing vice president job?
The reason for asking this question because the CEO of the company wants to know what his or
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Are they treating their employees as a resource or as partners in the team?
The reasons the company asks this question because CEO of the company value the relationship to employees are important to the leadership. Most U.S companies look at short time strategic planning, focus only the report and profit statement for examples: In the U.S, the manager treats employees as a resource while in the foreign corporations treats employees as a partner (Minniti, 2009 May 29 line 35)
7- Are they feeling comfortable to work with diversity group? What are their opinions about working with different generation groups? The diversity is an ideal for the company to succeed in competition with the other companies. CEO of the company asks these questions because the CEO wants to know the candidate likes or do not like to work with different groups as a diversity code of the company requires. The CEO wants to know how they feels about working with diversity groups.
8- When the conflict or argument among different generations, how do they handle the conflict? Which groups are not easy to
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Ask, listen, and show gratitude are the most important trait of truly talent connectors (Forbers Leadership Forum).
10- In the previous company, had ever candidates created new ideas to improve the products or change the workplace? Do candidates know where the innovation come from?
CEO of the company asks this questions because the CEO wants to know the candidates are the innovative people or not. CEO wants to know the candidates have knowledge about the innovation or not.
The best leaders should know the source of innovation. The effective leaders should know that innovation must come from various sources, both internally and externally (2014, Apr.7 p.1)
11- What is advantage or disadvantage of the global business that the global company faces? Does they know about it? CEO of the company asks this question because the CEO wants to discover his or her knowledge about the international business because the CEO wants to expand the business to Canadian and Mexican market.
Today, all leaders are global managers. The managers need to know about the advantage or disadvantage of the global business. According to Bartlett, now leaders are global managers (The Death of Global Manager 2011, Aug 8 line

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