Ghora Galli Brewery Case Study

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A historic picture of Ghora Galli brewery
Now coming towards the main elements to be discussed I the light of the survey performed on the company.

Vision: The slogan of the company is:

“Our office is in the market”

The slogan means that they believe in the customers and the market they are dealing with. The company strongly commits its relationship with the customer, to understand the customer and give its best to fulfill its customer’s needs and to make its customer happy. They deliver the best quality by focusing on the customer’s demand so that it could compete in the market and to remain above customer’s expectations.

Mission statement:
The company states that they make personal commitment to understand their customer’s
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The top management at MURREE BREWERY Company takes responsibility of installing modern technology and they have recently installed new brew machinery which can produce top quality brew in less time and in a large amount.
After strategic goals and planning has been done than comes the tactical goals and planning which is done at middle level of management.

Tactical Goals and Planning:

Tactical goals are set by middle level management e.g. the production department manager at MURREE BREWERY co. decides at what scale a brew should be produced and likewise decides which resources are required to produce a premium quality brew and drinks which is divided further into two units one produces alcoholic drinks i.e. beers and whiskey and the other one is non-alcoholic drinks i.e. fizzy drinks and juices. And for achieving these tactical goals the production manager and the respective department manager takes
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Top management always plays a very important role in the success of business as all the decisions are taken by them. Good management means good and successful business. Murree Brewery also has efficient faculty members in their business that is why they are successful since 1860 which is more than a century. Taking a business successfully for such a long period is not an easy job. Many ups and downs came in the past but good decisions made by good managers (Top management) help Murree brewery to make its ways to success. Murree brewery’s management believes in team work. Working together works is the main motto of the company. Motivation is the key factor on which company runs. Murree brewery offers its employees performance related pay which motivates them to perform their tasks effeciently and on time.

Following are the sections or departments present in the company.
• Finance Department
• Sale Department
• Production Department
• Engineering Department
• Electronic Department
• Civil Department
• Quality control Department

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