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My ECE and CDA Professional Portfolio

In this class, you will compile a professional portfolio demonstrating your knowledge and skills in the area of early childhood education.
To show this, you will be asked to do 6 reflective writings (CS) with extension paragraphs (ECS) and to acquire resources (RC) applicable to early childhood.

*** see pg 131 of the CDA National Program Book to put this portfolio in order.

2013-2014 2nd semesterCongratulations on beginning the Child Development Associate (CDA) credentialing process!
The following steps will help you to understand how you can obtain your CDA Credential.

A. Layton High School “Summary of My CDA Education” (Refer to CDA pg. 131 & 132)
To complete
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Self: My environment will be a place where children can develop their own individual talents through appropriate DAP play. I will use the children’s names and acknowledge their culture to build self-identity. Children will have marked space to store their things and their work. I will encourage children to do those tasks that they can do. Social: My environment will be a place where children can interact and play with each other. Props for curriculum areas will represent many cultural groups. I will encourage cooperation and respect between children rather than competition. Guidance: The room environment, space, and materials will provide ample opportunities for appropriate playing and choices. I will verbally and non-verbally sincerely acknowledge when a child is exhibiting appropriate behaviors. I will stick to routine and schedules so children know what to expect. I will model appropriate and expected social skills. I will help children use their words rather than emotions. (240 words)

Resource Collection (RC)
Read the instructions and collect or create the assigned resource materials.

Extension Competency Statement (ECS)
Some of the competency statements and resources will ask for extension paragraphs that reinforce the resources for that section. These should be solid one paragraph thoughts as they relate to your experience

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