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C228 - Community Health Nursing – Task 1

Christi Corder

Western Governors University

Identification of Community

Greenville County is located in upstate South Carolina along Interstate 85. It is found halfway between Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. Greenville is part of the Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin Metropolitan Statistical Area and is the largest city in this area (“Greenville, South Carolina,” n.d.). Approximately 59.7% of the population consists of individuals between the ages of 20-64 (“Demographics,” 2014). The leading causes of death in this county include cancer, followed closely by heart disease, chronic lower respiratory disease, stroke, and accidents (“County by County,” 2013). Industry overview
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The most vulnerable populations include the young and the old, both of whom are likely to be affected by a disaster.

Windshield Survey

The environment of Greenville County is. In the downtown area of Greenville there are numerous apartment complexes, a majority of them having just been built or in the process of being built. The “older” apartment complexes are well maintained although in certain areas of Greenville, there are houses and apartment buildings that are run-down and in need of repair. As you move farther away from the downtown area, you see more houses and neighborhoods, with houses ranging from small to large, old to new. There are 39 parks in Greenville County occupying over 500 acres of land, which are all maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department. Falls Park is one of the center attractions in Greenville, which is located in the middle of the downtown area. It surrounds the Reedy River and many people gather here to view the Reedy River Falls and the public gardens. Cleveland Park is also located along the Reedy River and has tennis courts, softball fields, playground areas, fitness trails, and is also the location of the Greenville Zoo. Other places that people gather include the Bon Secours Wellness Arena, which is where many concerts, family shows, sporting events, and corporate and community events take place.

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