Bystanders And Upstanders : A Bystander Or An Upstander Essay

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Bystanders and Upstanders In society, one can play two roles in situations that need to be acted upon: a bystander or an upstander. A bystander, or onlooker plays an important role in any given situation. They choose to stand by and not take action, or involve themselves in the situation in some way. An upstander will take action and include themselves in a certain circumstance. Because of this, the Bystander Effect has been developed over time from casual everyday situations to big events in history. The act of bystanding was a major part of the Holocaust and made significant impacts on the lives of many, by determining the lives and deaths of those targeted for the camps. The terms bystander and upstander closely relate in meaning. Respectively, they are similar because both a bystander and an upstander affect the outcome of a situation but do not directly take part in it. A bystander is a person who is nearby and observes an occurrence and does not physically get involved in it. An upstander is a person who stands up and takes action in a situation. Whether one chooses to help or stand by, their decisions greatly influence others and how the situation is viewed. The Bystander Effect has been developed over time based on the actions of the bystanders and upstanders in situations that occur every day. Every situation is affected by factors that determine how a bystander will act. For example, ambiguity is lack of commitment or uncertainty. When there is high ambiguity…

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