Buying On The Internet : Gender Differences Essay

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Buying on the Internet: Gender Differences in On-line and Conventional Buying Motivations. (2004). Sex Roles, 50(5/6), 423-444.
• This article explores gender differences in online and conventional buying motivations. Males and females have been known to have different attitudes toward internet and conventional shopping. Males could have a more positive attitude toward online buying than females. Also, females are more psychologically invested in shopping than males. Females have highly positive attitudes toward buying and associate it with leisure time; whereas males tend to have negative attitudes toward buying and see it as work and want to less time and effort. This means that females tend to focus on the buying experience and males focus on the outcome of the purchase. Males might have negative attitudes but spend more money and make more frequent purchases than females.
• This article is significate because it proves male and females have minor differences between attitudes of online shopping. Females that do not have computer experience have a negative attitude about online shopping. Males do not experience online shopping as a damper but an enjoyment. Emotional and social experiences are important to females in conventional shopping but female attitudes are similar to male attitudes about online shopping than conventional shopping. Male attitudes stay the same in both shopping environments but online shopping helps to avoid the negative aspect of the conventional…

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