Busn 412 Business Policy Complete Class Essay

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BUSN 412 Business Policy week 1

Robin Hood (graded)
Read the Robin Hood case C1 in the textbook. (The case begins right after Chapter 13.) How can you relate this case to strategic management?
Strategic Management (graded)
Select a company in the news and apply one or more of the strategic concepts from Chapter 1 to the company. Be sure to state what concept and page from the textbook you are applying. Examples could be such
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How hard was it to find the mission statement? What value do you see the mission statement providing to the organization and how might it be made better, if at all?
Clicks and Bricks (graded)
Select a business that has made the transition from bricks to clicks. Why did you choose them and how have they done so far?

BUSN 412 Business Policy week 4 Global Growth (graded)
Select a business and describe the alternative growth options available to the firm in the global environment. Which would you recommend and why?
Reverse Innovation (graded)
Reverse Innovation is the strategy of innovating in emerging (or developing) markets and then selling these innovations in developed markets. Companies are developing products in emerging countries like China and India for global distribution. Many of these products have been re-engineered and unnecessary functions stripped out of the product. How will reverse innovation impact the U.S. marketplace? What specific products and companies do you expect to see impacted by this trend?

BUSN 412 Business Policy week 5

Motivation (graded)
Please review the following link: http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/dan_pink_on_motivation.html and comment on it. In the lecture we learned that “Behavioral control is gaining support as many organizations seek to align the entire organization to deliver coherent, coordinated strategies.” How is behavioral control

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