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Inventory Tie Out

Tony’s Car quest
7820 Featherstone Drive
Raleigh, NC 27615

March 30, 2015

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary 2 1.1. Issue 2 1.2. Anticipated Outcomes 2 1.3. Recommendation 3 1.4. Justification 3
2. Business Case Analysis Team 4
3. Problem Definition 4 3.1. Problem Statement 4 3.2. Organizational
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Reducing theft which would reduce cost efficiency. Moving to the new inventory system will help us stay above ahead of the competition with otherin the highly competitive auto part storesmarketplace. Adding this new inventory system will reduce errors, overtime, and improve product availability. user.

3 Recommendation

I recommend weThe recommendation is that Tony’s Car Quest hire a consulting firm to help decide the best system to implement. We do not want to waste time on implementing the inventory system, and the consulting firm can give us the best system for our demand. Consulting A consulting firm will be costly, but in the long future run we will benefit greatly and save overhead. I recommend we contact Mark’s Consulting Firm to get started on this project. If anyone else have suggestions or other consulting firms please let me know so we as a team can research the firm. Employees will be able to enter and edit their timesheet data at any time from any location instead of phoning their data to their regional manager for entry into the mainframe system

You’re pitching an idea to the CEO of TCQ. So what you need here is a statement that you used a weighted scoring model in a competition between several consulting firms, and Mark’s firm won. What was the result of the competition? What things

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