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Business History Ýn The United States At The End Of The Twentieth Century
The History of Business history

Business history in the united states at the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first is simultaneously thriving and strungling with itsidentity.There are clear signs of vigor, including a rising membership in the major professional organization in the field, BHC (Business History Conference).
The organization recently launched a new quarterly professional journals;
• Enterprise & Society
• Economic and Business Historical Society.

There are also some signs of stress, including a growing debate among business historians over the future direction of the field.

Business history has grown
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Student Information System or SIS incurs such application software designed for educational establishments to manage student data. Student information systems provide capabilities for entering student test and other assessment scores, building student schedule, tracking student attendance as well as many other school student-related data needs within the institution university. Thus, many of these systems applied in the Philippines can be scaled to different levels of activity and can be configured by their home institutions to meet local needs.


SIS process within the such technological sophistication does create precise knowledge edge ; that technology is the repository of the bulk of the information that underpins society’s major enterprises and concerns and the medium of communication through which SIS interact with one another. Furthermore, SIS is transforming educational tactics understandings and school practicesin relation to system information and to be able to assist better communication ground through SIS execution, as found within the heart of learning mechanisms.

( Liao et al., 2007 )

The amount of material available from unaccredited sources is cause of considerable concern to many educators, brought up them into a more integrated SIS such as those found and applied in the University of the Philippines as well as those within the grounds of

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