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Fill in the table below. To achieve a Pass grade, you must complete all sections and make sure your answers are detailed.

Online Visual & Media Design – P2

| |Business 1 |Business 2 - Fashion/Advertising Agency |Business 3 – Local Voluntary/Charity Sector |
| |Missguided |Elite London |Oxfam |
| |www/ |
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Once on the main website there is a clearly listed|the Oxfam home page there is various different |
| | |menu. On the main page there is images of all the models there|navigations including a video, menu bars and also|
| | |is a A- Z selection of the models which you can simply just |various different search bars. At the bottom of |
| | |click on to find a specific model. |the home page Oxfam states the social networking |
| | |[pic] |sites which they are connected with. This |
| | | |navigation tool takes you directly to that |
| | | |specific

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