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Case Study ( Research in Motion (RIM)

Richard Okusaga
Ms. Kulic
BOH 4M1-02
Friday May 5, 2011 I. Summary of the Facts • Research in Motion (RIM) is a multi-award-winning company that designs and produces hardware, software, and service solutions for wireless communications used by worldwide business and consumer markets (Case, 1). • RIM is a Waterloo-based company founded in 1984 by two University of Waterloo engineering students, Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin. Today, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, who joined the company in 1992, share the leadership role in the company as co-CEOs (Case, 1). • The first BlackBerry device came to market in 1999 (Case, 1). • In 2002, RIM was sued for
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He has also donated $50 million to the University of Waterloo, to help create the Institute for Quantum Computing”. This evidently reveals that RIM’s CEOs believe that in order to contribute worldwide, they must first be able to contribute completely to their own society in which they rooted from, in this case, Waterloo. Through these social contributions and interactions RIM has made, it appears that the CEOs are attempting to lean more from the socioeconomic view into a virtuous circle perspective on social responsibility as there is evident growth in financial performance for the organization which can eventually lead to additional social responsible actions for the future. The future looks promising for RIM as they have many products being released as of late, allowing for a variety of choice among consumers on which ones to purchase for themselves or their businesses. However, with these numerous high-quality products being released and already in the market, such as selective Blackberries and the BlackBerry Playbook (see Figure 1), revenues on each product may possibly not meet the expectations of RIM as explained through a Toronto Star article, ‘“They're not seeing much demand for their high-end products because they've got so many new ones coming out and all of the competitive issues aren't getting any easier,” Robison said from San Francisco’ (Young). A point this part of the

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