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The utilization of resources and generation of waste is for beyond the limit that the biosphere was made to carry. Infact, man today is caught in the vicious circle of increasing wants, declining resources and increasing waste being generated by the industries and municipalities is posing a problem of enormous dimensions. The domestic and industrial effluents are contributing in enhancing this problem. It might become the biggest problem if it is not dealt with immediately .

Industrial Waste
The term industrial waste is generally understood to refer specifically to the liquid waste produced as a result of some industrial operation, as distinct from an industry’s solid refuse or its gases, fumes and
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The volumes of process water per unit of manufactured product are generally well known. Except for some rinse and cooling waters that may safely be discharged Into storm sewers, most process waters end up as a waste requiring specialized treatment and disposal methods. The volume of waste, together with its composition and concentration, is the measure of each particular problem (see Table 1).
Broadly stated, pollution of streams with Industrial wastes degrades the physical, chemical and biological qualities of the receiving waters. This degradation gives rise to a variety of economic problems that are the concern of all communities and industries downstream from the point of pollution. The most apparent of these problems is the damage to the quality of the stream and its fitness for subsequent domestic and industrial use. Depending on the character of pollution material, this damage may take the form of increased concentration of hardness and encrustants in greased colourand turbidity. Increased corrosiveness, increased concentration of taste and odor-producing substances, and dangerously high concentration of toxic substances. In extreme pollution such as in the Merrimac and Raritan rivers, the pollutional load in some sections has risen to levels that will not permit the use of

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