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March 27, 2013
Ian Finley


Demonstrative communication includes nonverbal and unwritten commutation. There will be many different types of communication learned. Ways of understanding affected communication. How to listen to received the message properly. How to pick up on someone tone when there explaining something to you. This guideline to make sure the proper communication is being used so that no one is confused and everybody has a great understanding of each other. Dealing with communication can be very difficult, depending on the person. Some people communicate with the facial expression. When dealing with these types of people make sure no one is offend for example: If I walk into a
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So with sending a message out to a group you want to set the atmosphere. You want to be warm and friendly so that everybody can receive the message. At the same time that you are warm and friendly you can also be direct. “Now” when you think of the word direct, you want to be straight to the point but not in negative way. Negative can set your tone in a manner that you did not mean to show. So you have to know what tone to use at certain times. Body language speaks for itself. Non verbal, communication, meaning you are talking with your body in no words are coming out. This is very easy to do when someone else is talking to you. One because you are not thinking before you reacted and you body is making movements that are no pleasing to the eye. So it is very important to speak well when spoken to. Try not to roll your eyes and try not to put your hands on you hip. You want to try your best to make good eye contact and listen to the person that is speaking to you. If you do these things it is very likely for the sender of the message to get negative opinion of you. Showing good posture will the person know you understand what has been said to you and you are interested. Not only that you are about your business and you have received the message. Demonstrative commutation involves listening to what someone else is trying to tell you. Getting an understanding that you heard what they said and you are going to take it all

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