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There are many different types of ways for serving in your community such as, service learning, community service or volunteering. Service learning is an educational approach that provides formal instruction and direction with the chance to serve in the community. Volunteerism is the use and/or involvement of volunteer labor. Lastly, there is community service. This is performed by an individual or a group of people to benefit the public. Community service is different from service learning and volunteering because it is not always done voluntarily. Sometimes, community service can be mandated through the courts for a variety of reasons. Service learning is use to help educate an individual while servicing the public. All of these types of …show more content…
I helped sort the dry food by specific items and weight, then boxed it up to be sent to various food pantries. In my section, we were divided into groups of 6 and selected to work with a specific food category. This was my first time meeting the people that were assigned to my group so I was a little concerned about how well we would all work together. Teamwork, an action of a group of people, was essential in getting the tasks at hand completed in a timely manner. Each person had a certain task that they were in charge of like, removing the bins from moving cart or packing up the boxes when their weight limit was met. We were able to work well together because we communicated, exchanging words with one another, effectively. When one person needed the box removed or a new bin to sort we would let that specific person know and they would promptly take care of it. We were also able to make small talk and do some networking, the exchanging of information between people, groups etc., while completing our tasks. We discussed our current employment and where we see our careers when we graduate. Also during our break I was able to meet and speak with other students about their career plans. When we were finished with our assignments, we cleaned up and, thanks to technology, were able to friend each other on social media.

Being able to provide my time and

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