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Riordan Manufacturing has developed a management plan to determine the capability of managing their employees. The company has asked several employees to complete a self-assessment about his or her job satisfaction. These assessments will help management discover the characteristics of their employees as well as determining what characteristic affects Riordan Manufacturing. Self-assessments help management analyzed job satisfaction, emotion and how their employee’s emotions affect him or her when making decision. After completely analyzing the self-assessments, a recommendation will be presented to Riordan Manufacturing to get a better understanding of management and how to motivate their employees. The employees who …show more content…
Antoinette self- assessment indicates a high level of job satisfaction; overall [Wordiness: unless meaning denim work clothes, "overall" is general and vague and contributes little to the sentence] Antoinette is satisfied [Passive voice ] with her work environment. Antoinette is a decision maker, who is moderately affected [Passive voice ] by her moods and displays positive emotion. Edward Massey self-assessments indicates a high level of job satisfaction, he is a deliberate decision maker, who moods affect him moderately and displays neutral emotions. Dwayne self-assessments indicates a very low level of job satisfaction, with a high level of affect intensity, Dwayne has a more blended style of decision making, and he displays positive emotions. Riordan Manufacturing will remain effective and productive as- long- as their employees are satisfied [Passive voice ] with his or her position. Employees who has a high level of job satisfaction tends to feel more positive than others who has a lower level of job satisfaction, they will continue to be a productive employee versus employees with a lower job level.

Job Satisfaction: Job satisfaction is the attitude that an individual or employee feels about a job, in-which the affect [Check spelling--"affect" is a verb--it changes something (Weather affects human moods); "effect" is a noun, the

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