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Case Analysis I. Time Context
The time context is current

II. Viewpoint
The viewpoints are Delia de los Reyes and De Los Reyes’ partner

III. Statement of the Problem The major problem to solve is the new and old employees of the company were making conflicting decisions that can destroy the entire business reputation and the business itself or to fail. The minor problem in the other hand is the employee and top management doesn’t have cooperation to each other.

IV. Objectives
The very first thing to remember is: Failing to plan is planning to fail, so planning is necessary. a. Short-range Objectives * To have unity in their company that must have a close relationship between the employees and the
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Strength: If you show her good evidence with good stories or explanation inside that. She might be in to your proposal.
Weakness: If your evidence is not believable and your explanation have many questions or have many holes, you will not encourage your president to agree in your proposal. 3. Find a successful business owner that you can introduce to your president who will tell her the importance of planning.
Strength: If you get to find a successful and popular business owner in the world of business. You might encourage your president to implement your proposal.
Weakness: If the business owner that you introduce to your president is not good in influencing people or made a mistake in telling your proposal. Instead of showing the president good intention, she might mistook it to a bad intention because of the way the business owner talks.

VII. Recommendation
I choose to create a more inviting business proposal to the president so that she will agree in implementing that proposal in her company than the other alternative course of action because .

VIII. Conclusion/Detailed Action Plan This case analysis is all about the publishing company of Delia de los Reyes which doesn’t have planning that creates many serious problems that are bad for the company. Because of that, my objective and goal is to promote and encourage the president to have plans for future

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