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Question 1
The background of Dell. There is a long story that need to talk about how they founded this company. The founder Michael Dell while he is 19 years old, he founded PC's Limited with $1,000 and a game-changing vision for how technology should be designed, manufactured and sold. As a pre-med freshman at the University of Texas at Austin, Michael starts a new computer business under the name of PC's Limited. He left his dorm room at the end of his freshman year to devote all of his time to growing the business. In 1985, they design and build our first computer system, the Turbo PC, featuring an Intel® 8088 processor running at 8MHz, a 10MB hard drive and a 5.25" floppy drive. They establish customer experience as a Dell
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In 2003, Dell company had expand their product portfolio with Dell-branded printers and officially enter the consumer electronics market to serve as a single source for our customers. In just five years, Dell is China's third largest provider of computer systems and services, with shipment growth near 60 percent — or four times that of the industry.
Dell is an early adopter of social media and leads the industry with free product recycling. By the late 2000s, the company takes a fresh look at the rapidly changing industry and responds with a new business strategy to address the end-to-end IT needs of its customers. In 2006, Dell company are the first in the industry to offer free product recycling for consumers worldwide. They revolutionize the way businesses connect with customers with the launch of Direct2Dell — a blog to enable fast, direct, two-way conversations with our customers. By the way, they acquire computer gaming leader Alienware™ to complement our high-performance systems designed for gaming enthusiasts and media content customers.
Dell gets serious about ramping its solutions skills and capabilities with organic and inorganic investments in key intellectual property and talent. By 2011, the company has its best solutions portfolio ever and celebrates the largest single-year revenue increase in company history. In 2012, Dell company had establish a new software group and focus

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