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Business Report

Taronga Zoo is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading Zoological Parks. This report is for the Board of Directors of ABC in relation to the corporate sponsorship of Taronga Zoo Conservation Society Australia, and will provide an analysis of the zoo’s marketing plan. It will also evaluate the marketing potential of the proposed sponsorship for ABC.


Taronga Zoo is classified as a place of entertainment, and given that is in amongst a number of different places for entertainment in Sydney, the zoo has many tough competitors. Internal factors that directly affect the operations of the zoo include adequate staffing, facilities available and financial
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This number equals $15million of free advertising, which is money that was able to be spent directly on the zoo instead of advertising.

Taronga Zoo is located in Mosman, which is near to Sydney Harbour, providing visitors with spectacular views of the city of Sydney. Taronga Zoo caters to its largest demographic, that is young families and women with prams, by providing large paved pathways, and accessible lifts. This is an important factor as it also means the zoo is wheelchair accessible. The overall location of Taronga Zoo gives the zoo an advantage over most other competitors, as the views cannot be beaten.

Implementation involves putting the marketing strategies into practise, which is something Taronga Zoo is able to focus on as they have a marketing team of 22 members. These staff members concentrate on advertising the zoo in an effective way that is guaranteed to generate sales, as well as providing promotions that will benefit visitors of the zoo.
Monitoring means checking and observing the actual progress of the marketing plan. Regular surveys are conducted throughout the zoo to monitor progress of the marketing plan. These surveys help the marketing team to make changes in order to fully cater to the needs of the visitors to the zoo.
Controlling involves the comparison of planned performance against actual

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