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Organizational Structures (Author’s name)
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Introduction The organization of corporate structures is important in the allocation of duties and roles, supervision of employees at the workplace as well as the efficient coordination of workflow in an organization. These plans form the basis of effective operations of any company’s projects, and give accurate insights on the exploration of the minimal resources available to an organization’s disposal. Besides, it enables any company to manage the work force in the process of timely completion of projects and extension of the businesses longevity. Therefore, it is important to define the roles of each party in any project assigned to the organization.
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However, it is important to outline the authorities, responsibilities and restrictions of the project managers. This goes a long way in ensuring that similar communicational breakdowns are avoided in the future for corporations.
Identification of major issues The major challenge that the BEC had was the lack of communication. When Mr. Yang and Ms. Song got onto the project, they assumed to understand their duties. In difficult situations, each failed to consult the other to comprehend the magnitude of the problem. As a result, the two employees endured poor working relationships. Existence of hierarchy in the management of projects was another problem that caused the stalemate between the two managers. Mr. Yang presumably felt he was in control of all the matters concerning the departmental management, leaving Ms. Song in confusion as to what her roles are, including the assignment of duties to Mr. Yang. This prompted Ms. Song to request the CEO to assign training tasks directly to Mr. Yang.
Possible solutions/recommendations The organizational theory of organization behavior explains the need to have a matrix organizational structures that blend the functional and project authorities in an organization. Mr. Yang’s training department represents a functional structure in the organization. Meanwhile, Ms. Song being in charge of projects holds a projective office structure.

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