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BlackRock’s Justin Arter carves the future of funds management
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How to foster respect in the workplace

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John Danks & Son’s Mark Burrowes • Peabody Energy’s Eric Ford • Downer EDI’s Grant Fenn

As CEO of leading dairy manufacturer Parmalat, Craig Garvin has strengthened and supported iconic brands and cultivated a culture of pride.
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I was also fortunate to have a very high-calibre executive team with exceptional industry knowledge. What are your plans for the company’s growth? We have a lot of growth potential, both domestically and overseas. There are significant export opportunities into the Asian region. I think the perception of Australian dairy is very high in Asia. We have some very-high-quality brands. We have the number-one top health yoghurt in Australia with Vaalia. We have the outstanding flavoured milk Ice Break, and we’ve got the fastestgrowing flavoured-milk brand in the country with OAK. That’s on top of the Pauls brand, which leads most areas of white functional milk. We’ve got a really nice portfolio there, and we’ve been achieving double-digit growth over the past three years on the strength of those brands. It’s not the number of brands that counts; it’s what you do with them that makes the difference. What sets Parmalat apart from its competitors? I think the positioning and quality of the brands—as well as the innovation behind them—sets us apart, as well as our engaged workforce and willingness to win

“We had to be very clear about our strategic intent and plan, get everyone on board, make it simple, and ensure the whole company understands what we’re trying to achieve and where we’re headed.”
- Craig Garvin

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