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A decision is a choice from available alternatives.

is the process of identifying problems and opportunities and then resolving them.

Making a decision is committing to a course of action A decision made in response to a situation that has occurred often enough to enable decision rules to be developed and applied in the future.

A decision made in response to a situation that is unique, is poorly defined and largely unstructured, and has important consequences for the organization. All the information the decision maker needs is fully available.

A decision had clear-cut goals and good information is available, but the future outcomes associated with each alternative are subject to chance.
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In today‟s fast – paced, uncertain business environment, intuition plays a great role in decision-making.

An impulse decision is a choice based predominantly on emotion.

Facts and consequences play little part..

These actions are driven by feelings.

Irresistible urges

This model is useful for making nonprogrammed decisions when conditions are uncertain, information is limited, and there is disagreement among managers about what goals to pursue or what course of action to take. 


Conflicting goals

Conditions of uncertainty and ambiguity

Inconsistent viewpoints, ambiguous information Bargaining and discussions among coalition members Recognition of a
Evaluation and feedback Diagnosis

Implementation of chosen alternative Selection of

Development of

Managers confront a decision requirement in the form of either a problem or an

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