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Introduction Business SegmentsFedEx ExpressFedEx GroundFedEx FreightFedEx ServicesCorporate Strategy“Compete Collectively, Manage Collaboratively” • 3. Brand Planning AssessmentThe FedEx PositionWho is the target market?“anyone who needs to send something anywhere in the world. Whether it’s the one and only package you'll ever ship in your life or you have 1000 packages to ship every day.”

• 4. Brand Planning AssessmentThe FedEx PositionWho are the main competitors?UPS

• 5. Brand Planning AssessmentThe FedEx PositionWhat are the points of parity?-Both companies ship packagesBoth online services allow you to track packages, order supplies and pay bills.What are the points of difference?-FedEx has 3 times as many
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& distinguish Express Services 1997 – 2000FedEx acquired a number of companiesTransportation, Freighting, Customs information, ect. Created a“branded house” under the FedEx nameObjective: To be credibly perceived as a diversified transportation services provider with global reach.

• 13. Brand Growth AnalysisFedEx – A Branded HouseSolution:FedEx developed a brand architecture and naming system that extended the FedEx brand without compromising its integrity. The system uses a different color and descriptor to distinguish each operating company.By retaining the well-known wordmark’s letterforms and white space, each operation benefits from identification as part of FedEx. Showcases the broad diversity of the product offering while building the core brand.

• 15. Brand Growth AnalysisNew Brand ArchitectureMade public with a large surge of advertising commercials visible changed appearance of the FedEx delivery trucks. FedEx BrandEasily recognizable and has become a strong icon in business and everyday living

• 16. Brand Growth AnalysisFedEx acquires Kinko’s – 2004The two brands merged to create “FedEx Kinkos” leveraging the historical strength of both companiestogetherKinko’s brand = well known resource for everyday small to medium size businesses. FedEx Brand = global, full-service, leadership, customer service, efficiency, reliability and innovation.FedEx Office Kinko’s name lost

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