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Change management

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Change Management
Change is unavoidable in the modern business environment due its dynamics. Managers have to plan for change effectively to ensure that they achieve their desired objectives and there is little resistance to change from the employees. The following discussion analyzes leadership change management intervention. Change management entails the transformation of business processes or structure of the firm to ensure the firm can adapt to the business environment. The management has to determine the factors that are necessary for change in the company such as new legal requirement or business opportunity in the market that makes the change necessary for the
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The third step is involving the right personnel to implement the plan for change based on their skills and commitment to the project (Paton & McCalman, 2008). The fourth step is impact assessment. This entails an analysis of the people who will be affected by the change in the company and ways the management can help them cope with the effects such as through training. The next step is communicating the proposed change to those affected to enable them to understand the need for change and ways the transition will benefit them. The final step is getting ready for change by providing information about the change and training all the individuals affected to ensure that they can adapt to the changes (Reiß, 2012). The second phase is managing change. This entails implementing the change plan as it was provided in the initial plan. It involves encouraging behavior change to match the desired result. The entire changes plan should be implemented phase by phase while observing the time set for the change completion. The change manager should develop a milestone chart to show what has been achieved and when it was attained (Paton & McCalman, 2008). Issues that may arise in the implementation process should be addressed through conflict resolution approach to ensure that the implementation is not delayed. The team responsible for change should develop sanction to punish those who fail to change. In addition, the

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