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Change Model for XYZ, Inc. expansion
MGT435: Organizational Change (BFL1407A)

March 3, 2014

Change Model for XYZ, Inc. expansion

As the executive for XYZ, Inc. in looking at the company’s decision to begin its first international expansion by opening a store in Shanghai, China; I propose that take a look at which change model would fit best with what we want to achieve. Choosing the best change model to is key to the success of the change whether it be short term such as this one or long term such as the one that XYZ, Inc. plans on taking on in about one years’ time. According to J.W. Weiss, “While change models, per se, do not provide the "one best way" or "the truth" of diagnosing organizations, they offer both
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The short term change is essential to the success of the change. This particular change or short term win should be implemented in six to eighteen months. As with all the other steps in the leadership change model senior leadership must stay engaged. Through thoughtful implementation of step six of John Kotter’s, Leading Change Model, senior leadership and the guiding coalition have a tool to sustain organizational commitment for the change vision. By implementing short-term wins that are clearly successful, visible throughout the organization, and clearly related to the change effort, senior leadership and the guiding coalition maintain the momentum for change.
Creating urgency is step one of the eight step change. This will help create the motivation and show our stakeholders and everyone that is involved and effected by the change. Next step is to identify the key leaders in the organization and form a coalition. This would include the stakeholders. Making sure that there is a mix of leadership from all departments and levels in the company. The sense of urgency will continue throughout this step. Next is to create a vision for change. During this step we will want to determine the values that are central to the change and create a strategy. Next you will want to communicate the vision. Talk about the vision often and keep it in the front of everyone’s mind. Address all concerns and relieve all

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