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Definitions: * Human resource management= the management function focused on maximizing the effectiveness of the workforce by recruiting world-class talent, promoting career development and determining workforce strategies to boost organizational effectiveness * Job analysis the examination of specific task that are assigned to each position independent of who might be holding the job at any specific time. * Job description= an explanation of the responsibilities for a specific position * Job specifications: the specific qualifications necessary to hold a particular position * Hr plan= recruitment, selection, training, evaluation,compensation,benefits,separation * Internal recruitment= the process of seeking …show more content…
How has management’s attitude toward human resources changed in the past couple of decades? What factors have influenced this change?

Managers in every business category have recognized that a quality workforce can provide a sharp competitive edge—that people are an investment to be nurtured, rather than machines to be programmed. The key factors that influenced this change have been skyrocketing competition and new evidence that an engaged, satisfied workforce leads to higher returns.

2. Review the challenges that human resource departments face in today’s business environment. Which issues are most daunting? Why?

Key challenges: * Massive layoffs – plus outsourcing – have thrown HR into turmoil * The pay gap between top managers and average workers is growing * Retiring baby boomers may lead to a massive loss of talent and experience * Managing younger workers requires a new, different approach * Female workers face discrimination and many are exiting the workforce * Workers are requiring more flexibility and better work-life balance * The number of employee lawsuits is large and growing

3. What is the key difference between job descriptions and job specifications? Why are job descriptions and job specifications important to HR planning?

Job descriptions specify the jobholders’ responsibilities, while job specifications define the qualifications for doing the

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