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WILKINSON INTRODUCTION Wilkinson Company history begins about 83 years ago, started by James Kemsey Wilkinson as a family business, consisting in a small shop in Leicester. After about 2 years, followed the opening of the second store, in 1969 reaching up to hold more than 28 stores and the annual turnover was £ 2.4 million. In 1973, appeared the first own brand product Wilko closely followed by 23 other products belonging to the company. In the 90's the company selling over 13,000 products and have in its portfolio over 24 million consumers. In 2000 there were already 246 Wilkinson stores all over the UK and in 2003 thus achieving an annual turnover of £ 1 billion. In 2010 the company proposed that by 2013 have 500 stores in UK but due to …show more content…
(,2013) Thus, we can say that learning is not limited only to childhood or to period of the school but it happens throughout life. Each person is unique, with his own strengths and weaknesses. Learning needs of each belonging to different spheres, and their own professional development has become very important in recent years. Thus, the company Wilkinson understood this for a long time and gradually applied to a number of techniques designed to help personal and professional development of its employees. Employees have learned that self-managed learning have multiple benefits because they have a greater control over learning time. Moreover, this learning must be continuous and permanent. Besides the personal benefits, self-managed learning brings huge benefits for Wilkinson, both immediate and lasting benefits. b) Discuss how lifelong learning could be promoted within the context of personal and professional development. Professional development is essential to the life and work of the employee, and to achieve personal success. The constant addition of knowledge, ensures not only professional advancement but earning respect of all: colleagues, subordinates and superiors for the exemplary way in which he can demonstrate the ability to achieve results. Thus, Wilkinson realized that the more interested in developing human capital at its disposal, the more will be involved in the use and

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