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Responding with essay FINE ARTS WEEK 2
IF you were a accomplished man in the renaissance era what would be expected of me?
Answer: To start off my response a renaissance man makes me think of a man that is a jack of all trades, a man that can do all sorts of different things. A man that has limitless capabilities in his ideas of everyday life and development of aspects in his surroundings. I believe he is a person that embraces all knowledge and develops his own capacity of skills as fully as possible.
To be a true accomplished man of the renaissance I believe he is a man that developed skills in all areas od knowledge, in physical development, being accomplished in a social environment and in the aspect of art and music. For example a
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He did work for some of the highest popes and powerful men of that era and his work shows exactly why they chose him.
How did Masaccio use linear perspective in his paintings? part 2
Known also as the Father of the renaissance Masaccio's style built the foundation of what became one of the greatest art movements of that time. His techniques with the painting Tribute Money he added extreme depth and 3 dimension to the painting. He made horizontal lines that connect to a vanishing point like where the sky meets the mountains in the background of the painting. Having using the vanishing line in the painting allows for the greater imagery of physical objects such as the buildings, the mountains, the ocean, and the mountains in the distance.
PowerPoint music and the difference? Part 1
With the music of Palestrina I gathered that there are many sounds playing at once. Also many voices too, but with that each sound has a melody of its own. Although its different there is a balance between harmonies and they all in a way corporate very well together
With the music of Thomas it seems to be more of all vocals more of a church kind of vibe. It seems to alternate between solo voice or voices and then back to the full choir. His music has strong volume and elaborate texture to

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