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Resolving Ethical Business Challenges

Brief Summary: This case is about an employee named Lael who was hired by Best East Motels as part of their manager training program. She was extremely excited to be joining the company due to the potential benefits that she may receive after graduation. In the early stages she gained quite a bit of luck meeting her mentor Nikhil, the son of the motel franchise boss. Despite the great beginning of her tenure, she would learn tht her mentor wasn’t really who she thought he was. After investigating an unusually high turnover rate that would consist of mostly female employees, she learned that her mentor Nikhil was presenting an unethical business view for female employees. Many female employees would
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The employees also were told by Nikhil that this was part of the motel business and was considered normal. The biggest fear for the employees was the fear of losing their jobs however based on the high turnover rate, the employees would eventually depart anyways. The employees would feel more open to reporting the incidents if they had a way to report it anonymously. Most companies nowadays have ways that you can report ethical behavior anonymously usually to a human resource department. It is always going to be harder for employees to make allegations epically ones with major implications like this when they are not able to hide their face. Another issue here for Lael is that none of the female employees are willing to back her up and support her if she were to make the allegations clear since she was never treated badly by Nikhil or any of the male employees.

3. In order for Lael to resolve her concerns, she should report the incident. Despite none of the incidents happening to her, through her investigation she was able to gain enough evidence to back up her story on why there is a high turnover rate. While it is a high risk situation in terms of if the accusations against Nikhil and the male employees backfires she could lose her job. On the other hand, this could work out better in her favor as the owner may be forced to ban his son from the motel business and could cause Lael to be promoted to a higher position to avoid damaging the reputation of

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