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Assessment Task 1 – Short Answer Questions

Please answer the following questions in approximately ½ page each.

1) How can the responsible person evaluate best practice in relation to separation and termination?

The responsible person must undertake research in order to evaluate best practice in relation to separation and termination. This research follows a specific process which involves a number of steps including: * Research the elements of best practice in separation/termination systems. | * Research the legal requirements for separation/termination practice in your organisation. | * Identify problems and potential improvements in the separation/termination process. | * Consult with appropriate
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* From what source should the information be collected? * When is the information needed? * What resources are available to collect the information?

3) Considering the principles relating to the Privacy Act 1988, which of those relate most to the depersonalising of private information?

The Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) is an Australian law which regulates the handling of personal information about individuals. The principals of the privacy act which relate the most to the depersonalising of private information are the 13 privacy principals which cover the collection, use, disclosure and storage of private information. These cover: * Open and transparent management of personal information * Anonymity and pseudonymity * Collection of solicited personal information * Dealing with unsolicited personal information * Notification of the collection of personal information * Use or disclosure of personal information * Direct marketing * Cross-border disclosure of personal information * Adoption, use or disclosure of government related identifiers * Quality of personal information * Security of personal information * Access to personal information * Correction of personal information

Assessment Task 2 - Project

Prepare a presentation outline to senior

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