Business Essay

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In Sky’s the Limit, some issues need to be highlighted and improved. Under top level management, there is no strategic goal (objective) or clear business direction; no marketing strategy; no capital investment strategy and performance measurement techniques are non existent. Under the production/manufacturing department, they are unable to keep up with production demand; quality issues; staff under skilled; inventory management is non existent; no product variations available. There is short staffed and is not responding to new product enquiries in design and development department. General administration process is inadequate due to poor customer services. Overdue accounts are not followed up due to poor control system. Rising costs …show more content…
Customer | | |
|Increase customer satisfaction |customer satisfaction survey |number of customer complaints |
| | |number of customer demands for refunds of |
| | |balloons |
| | | |
|Expand the customer base |number of new customers |number of special orders of the customised |
| | |balloons |
| |number of regular customs retained |number of new balloon designs offered |

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