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General Outline

Opening Profile: India Becoming a Crucial Cog in the Machine at I.B.M.
The Global Business Environment Management in Focus: A Small Company, A Global Approach
Regional Trading Blocks Comparative Management in Focus: Opening Economy Revitalizes India
Information Technology
The Globalization of Human Capital
The Global Manager’s Role
The Political and Economic Environment
The Legal Environment
The Technological Environment
Chapter Discussion Questions
Application Exercises
Experiential Exercise
End-of-Chapter Case Study: Under Pressure, Dubai Company Drops Port Deal
Additional Cases: India: The
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Evidence/Indicators of Globalism

a. The growth rate of the trade of goods has grown faster than the world production of goods. The European Union has now caught up with the United States to share the position of the world’s largest investor.

3. Globalism Strategy

a. Global companies are becoming less tied to specific locations and their operations and allies are spreading around the world as they source and coordinate resources and activities wherever needed. Companies that desire to remain competitive will have to develop a cadre of experienced international managers.

4. Small companies are also affected by and, in turn, affect globalism. They play a vital role in contributing to their national economies through new job creation and employment, development of new products and services, and international operations such as exporting.

Discussion Question: Evaluate the statement by Thomas Friedman that the world is flat. What does he mean by this statement?

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