Business to Business Message Analysis Essay

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Business-to-Business Message Analysis Maximino Ruiz University of Phoenix Business-to-Business Message Analysis Although much associated with business still relies on face-to-face communication, technology has taken its place in business-to-business communication practices as being reliable, effective, and efficient. Whether discussing a major decision with an executive level officer, starting a new company in search of product and distribution, or informing a department that layoffs may occur, the communication process remains the same. A purpose defines the reason a process begins. The initiator, or the sender, has an intended message for a specific audience, the …show more content…
More than likely, however, a card or name will be collected with contact information and that particular individual must create a method of re-contacting those potential business opportunities at a later time. Through the use of VOIP, or voice over Internet provider as a less expensive way for a business to have phone services, a call is made to create a relationship that could potentially provide additional opportunities. The salesperson acts as the sender with the purpose of selling his company’s products or services. The receiver should be the decision-making contact that had been collected while cold calling. The environment is more than likely a cubicle to personal office setting and depending on how the day of that decision maker is going will determine if the noise becomes too distracting. If the message is delivered successfully, hopefully that salesman will receive positive feedback. In this particular situation, the message and technology used are appropriate given the environment and purpose because unless that salesperson makes face-to-face contact on the initial visit, phone and e-mail will be that individual’s only available means of making contact before revisiting the area cold called. The same message is delivered when using e-mail to make contact, but there is a better chance of that person taking the time to hear what you have to say if they are caught on a phone. With e-mails, the

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