Business Saudi Arabi A Cultural Aspects Of Doing Business Essay

1431 Words Dec 13th, 2015 6 Pages
To: Professor Sean Thelen
From: Zeinab Saleh
Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Subject: Business in Saudi Arabia

Part I. “Cultural Aspects of doing Business in Saudi Arabia”
In doing my research on what potential countries we may do business with, I came across the country of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia being well known and rich for its natural resources of Petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, gold and copper, I would think that undergoing business in Saudi Arabia can be a highly-beneficial venture for us if we can handle the culture differences.
In order to deepen our relationship with the Saudi market and businesspeople, we need to conform to the Saudi social and business culture, which can differ remarkably from our Western norms. The weekend in Saudi Arabia used to be Thursday and Friday, but has now been changed to Friday and Saturday. This was changed due to the fact that the rest of the world’s work days were Monday to Friday and this halted Saudi Arabia from making any business transactions for 4 days of the week. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, their people are required to pray five times a day, first prayer starting with “Salat al-fajr” being the prayer at dawn, before sunrise. The second prayer would be “Salat al-zuhr” which is the midday prayer, after the sun passes its highest. The third prayer would be “Salat al- 'asr” and this being the late part of the afternoon. Next comes “Salat al-maghrib” and prayer is just after sunset. And the last and final prayer would…

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