Essay On Cultural Differences In America

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here are always differences from one culture to another, including the conduct of and approach of business. It is important to be informed and understand these differences for a number of reasons. If you were to ever conduct business with another country and did not understand the fundamental differences, you would risk the possibility of offending someone or even taking offense yourself when it was not intended. Another reason you should research the practices of other cultures is to open yourself to different business practices that may help you in your own business practices. I will explore the differences between The United States of America and the country of Japan that Nair (2010) and Martin, Schelb, Snyder, and Starling (1992) explain in detail. We will cover everything from the lowest echelon, the individual employee, to the highest echelon, the cultural stamp provided by the country’s society.

East to the West and the Business in Between

There are many differences you can find when you compare one country to another. But what about their cultural approach to conducting business? This essay compares the major differences between two of the most business-minded countries there are: The United States of America and Japan.
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Occasionally there will be similarities, but overall the cultures seem worlds apart. Even so, one might expect there to be little contrast in business, a field in which there are legions of experts and manuals saying, “Here is the model of success; follow it and you will succeed.” In the end, the goal is the same for the majority of businesses in both, and that is to make profitable gains. Now let us explore the differences of approach and context within which business people in Japan and the United States try to meet that

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