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Business Plan

• Company name :- Tender coco.
• Place :- 7th milestone, Mumbai highway Road, Belgaum (Kar)
• Company Business- The project is based on the processing of "coconut water “with flavors the packaging of the same in Sachet & tetra packs add sell them.
“We are into this business to earn money, generate employment and ensure quality prices to farmers and quality product to customers.”

Why this location- Belgaum
• Few distance from major cities like Mumbai 500,
Bangalore 502, Hyderabad 515,Panji 150 km.
• We benefit coconut farmers in Belgaum district.
• We buy coconuts from them at a competitive rate, process ,pack and sell them.

Karnataka is the third largest coconut producing
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Market Segmentation Variables…Conti

• Users perceive coconut water as a healthy drink. • Users drink coconut water as a refreshing alternative to carbonated drinks.
• Users willingly spend on products related to health and lifestyle.
• Users enjoy coconut drinks not only as a means of healthy life, but as an intrinsically enjoyable activity in itself.


SWOT Analysis
Adequate availability of raw materials.  High consumer retention rate .
 Natural Product.


Seasonal availability of fruits
 Brand acknowledgement
 Late entry into the market.

Participation with a growing industry.  Competitive advantage over carbonated soft drinks.
Success of incredible India campaign Champions league in 2011

Unstable government policies
Rising Global Warming


TENDER COCO FRESH is a 100 percent coconut water which will be produced and marketed by Tender Coco Beverage Ltd.
We prefer tetra pack because the product is aseptically packed and it retains the original flavor and tastes and hence you feel like drinking the water

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