Business Plan Essay

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Entrepreneur Business Plan Assignment
ACC 557
November 16, 2014


Abstract People in America are creative, ambitious, and industrious. Many people are not content with just a single paycheck from week to week. Always looking for alternative ways to be productive and earn more income, I have thought about starting my own business. From my experience a small business is started from a person’s hobbies or it involves the person’s interests. Today’s marking techniques makes it easier for an entrepreneur to buy and sell their products and services worldwide. Having an easier way to buy and sell your products gives the entrepreneur a chance to perfect their craft more. Spending less time trying to sell a product
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This is one of the ways I have begun to earn extra income. Using a few different scholarly articles to aid in the building process of my paper I was able to develop my plan for starting my own barber shop. Fortunately, I know principles for accounting, so starting my own business will not be a problem.
They say you’re first impression leaves a lasting impression in a person’s head. If a person’s hair is not neat they can mess up their first impression with you. Making sure that your hair is nice and neat should be on the top points on everyone’s checklist. A bad hair day can mess up an entire outfit. I decided to start my own barber shop because everyone gets their hair cut, but everyone can not cut hair. Being well groomed can get you a lot of places in life. Like I said before, that first impression leaves a lasting impression. Personal hygiene can stop you from getting a decent job and making new acquaintances. Taking care of the way you look can open up job advancements and new partnerships. I think I do a pretty good job in taking care of myself and keeping myself groomed.
I think I do a good job; good enough to start my own business and I already have clientele. My neighbors and my family member’s hair that I cut on the weekends or on special occasions can be considered as regular customers. So far I have been making some money, but to

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