Essay about Business Plan for Acting Agency

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Business Plan for Acting Agency

Business Plan for Acting Agency
An acting agency is an entity or a company that represents or finds jobs for artists, film directors, screenwriters, models, or musicians in entertainment or film industry. The acting agency supports, promotes, or defends the clients' interests. An accounting agency can specialize on various talents in the film industry by establishing different departments within the company or specify on a single specialty. As such, the acting agencies can range from being commercial talent, modeling, sport, broadcast journalist, voice-over, music, film, or literal agencies. The status of Exposure Acting Agency has
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Exposure Acting Agency needs to consider several factors that drive business growth and development to be providing quality services and products. The company had been in the market for over two years, but its decline in profits can cause its closure.
Organizational Objectives One of the major objectives of the company is to provide linking or representative services to actors or artists. Mapping or coming up with clear market segments where demand is high can help the agency in articulating about the best products and services that satisfy the needs of its clients. Such strategy of segmenting potential markets can influence effective business operations, especially in counseling, obtaining, and negotiating contractual agreements with clients with an aim of developing actors' projects. Developing an actor is directly proportional with developing the entire company because the more the actor earns, the more the company is earning. Most acting agencies earn a minimum of 15 percent for every contract they secure for an actor. The agency should not depend on actors only but should explore the secondary source of revenue such as promotional services or entertainment consultancy that they offer on behalf of their signed actors. Another approach for the Exposure Acting Agency is to rebrand itself, which includes coming up with sound vision and mission statements. For instance, the company can guarantee

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