Business Plan of Audi Essay

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This strategic business plan focuses on the Audi Group and which strategies it should pursue to realize its growth objectives in the automotive industry. First of all, the company´s business, mission and vision are introduced. A market overview is given and Audi´s current market position is analysed. Furthermore, a SWOT analysis is made which serves to make assumptions about Audi´s future performance and objectives are formulated. Last, resource requirements and budgets are laid out in order to understand the financial considerations behind the formulated strategies. The report will end with a short conclusion. It is important to note that only secondary data, e.g. the Internet was used to write this report.

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As a matter of fact, Audi tries to delight its customers with a “stunning new product portfolio”. In the year of 2010, for instance, the new Audi A8, A1 and A7 Sportback models were launched, as well as the ultra-sporty models S5 Sportback, RS 5 Coupé and Audi TT. The company set itself the goal to reach 42 new models by 2015 to continue growing their model range. (Investor Relations, 2011)
In FY 2010, Audi sold 1,092,411 vehicles but the company has the goal to increase their sales to 1.5 million vehicles by 2015. To realize its growth plan, Audi plans on pursuing a more dominant role in the international auto market, e.g. with expanding its production network and increasing the number of dealer and service outlets. Another strategic importance is to improve its image as an attractive employer because well-qualified and dedicated employees are essential assets to become the number one premium brand. Audi has already been offering attractive working conditions, commensurate pay and high job security. External surveys have confirmed that the Audi Group has a high appeal for employees and regular internal surveys have shown that Audi´s workforce have a high level of employee satisfaction. (Investor Relations, 2011) E. Company History
Audi is one of the oldest manufacturers in Germany. The Audi badge, also called “Four Rings” symbolizes the 1932 merger of the

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