Business Plan Mgt 499 Essay

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Table of Contents


Macro-environmental Analysis






Competitive Analysis

General Economic Characteristics of the Industry

Driving forces in the Industry

The Five Forces Model of Competitive Analysis

Strategic Group Mapping

Competitors Analysis

Key Success Factors in the Industry

Attractive/Unattractiveness of the Industry

Company Situation Analysis

Company Strategies

Company’s Performance/Financial ratios

SWOT Analysis

Competitive Strength Assessment

Key issues or problems

Strategy Alternatives

Final Recommendations

Implementation Concerns

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Panera Bread
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By having federal laws, it allows for a more uniform industry standard, which can also help with competition. Overall, these laws can have a significant effect on the industry because they regulate what companies can and cannot do. In more recent trends, “going green” has become the biggest change in a lot of companies. There are several awards and recognition restaurants can earn by meeting specific standards.

There are several ways in which technology has an effect on the foodservice industry. Every year companies come out with new and improved cash registers, soda machines, grills, and etcetera. All of these things can have a huge impact in the industry because they can make it easier to keep up with demand and provide a superior product. With every new technology, there is also a risk, because investing in new technology is expensive and there is never a guarantee that it will pay off in the end. Companies must decide what is necessary to stay competitive and what will ultimately lose them money. Technology plays a huge role in the competitiveness of the industry and will continue to be a huge factor for businesses competing in the market.

There are restaurants all over the world, so demographics does play a role in the industry; this can make a big difference in the style of the restaurant and the types of foods that are

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