Business Plan For A Business Essay example

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From the beginning of time, mankind has had to make decisions on how to allocate its resources. By managing them correctly we created things such bows for hunting, boats for traveling, and homes for living. As humans, we have learned not only how to manage our resources, but also how to manage ourselves. Through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling we have perfected a craft that was used by our ancestors. Now we jump to the present time to an older version of myself that has just landed a position as a sales manager at a Mercedes-Benz dealership. How am I going to ensure the success of my business? How will I implement the four functions that hold the secret to correctly managing a business? I have to start with forming a plan. For this, I will make a mission that I will abide by and that I will work towards achieving. My mission might be to increase sales and to expand the size of my market for Mercedes-Benz drivers. I believe that Egyptians were able to build the great pyramids thanks to well-prepared plans. You can not just start laying down giant blocks of stone and expect to come out with one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Egyptian architects had to sit down and come up with a very complex plan of how they were to build the resting place for their pharaoh. Thanks to superb planning they created lasting monuments that still stand today. Now if I take as much time as them in planning how I am going to run my business then maybe I too can leave behind a…

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