Business Plan For A Business Essay examples

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.Analyzing a business that you are interesting in opening
By analyzing a business that you are thinking about opening helps you in a number of ways (1) it will show you how to reduce your over all cost, how to better service your customers, It shows you how it works and how you can make improvements. It points out risk that you may encounter. It shows the input, output and activities in the company. It helps you to focus on operation process, management process, don 't forget about the S.W.O.T tools this tool is very helpful because it answer a number of question that you may be looking for.
The first step in opening a new venture is to write a business plan.. A business plan takes a lot of work and information before you get started. In a business plan you should get help if you think you need it. Find a location, know your financial options, decide on what kind of business stuction you want,get a tax I.D, give you business a name, get your permit and licenses, and figure out who your employees and managers will be. After you write your business plan then you must decide what kind of business you want if your want to be the sole proprietorship. which gives you the right to make decision, run, hire employees. You might decided to have a partner which makes it a partnership which gives the partner the sames right as you. Lat you might want to run a corporation this deals with shareholders they have to vote on issue and come to a conclusion and that conclusion is what…

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